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Create your own Sunshine

Counsellor Speaks

Count your blessings

Create your own Sunshine

Stay Psych fit @ Pandemic

Maitri Psychological Helpline

Hello Students!

Hope you all are having a great time and being your amazing self !
Let me tell you that you have an amazing side of yourself, everybody does, it’s just that you have to explore and discover that side!
As an young adult you have the potential to give wings to your dreams and reach for the sky and all it takes for that is your grit and determination.Before that you have to realise what your dream is ,what you really want to achieve, an youngster like you tend to waver in your priorities, go through lot of confusion as to what you have as a goal. Try to realise that ambition of yours ,it is something that makes you happy, gives a sense of achievement ,which motivates you to do it again and again with increased enthusiasm & improved interest ,identify that one thing that keeps you delighted and brings a smile on your face.
What more to say? Would there be any other time more appropriate that this period of isolation to look within and ponder & realise what is your ambition ? Then what’s stopping you? Go ahead and practice the below listed because only when you satiate your emotional well being can you realise your psychological well being .

1. Spend some time alone

2. Write down your strengths & weaknesses

3. Write a journal

4. Set goals for yourself to realize your dreams

5. Be determined to complete them

6. Do not cheat on yourself

7. Practice to be yourself

8. Eat what you like, do what you like.

These are just a few to go with…..there are so many other things which your heart yearns to do, just do them, because only you can create Happiness for yourself, only you can be your motivator. Give wings to your dreams ,drive yourself to be there ,Create your own Sunshine.

Your Counsellor.