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Report:  2021 – 22



It includes routine health screening/examination, health records, and sick bay, first aid and referral services. Other services rendered include,  health examinations (screening tests and medical diagnosis) and health records (keeping of records of the health histories of the students).

The Health Centre functions to provide immediate medicinal and first aid to all students and staff when  the situation arises. The Health Centre is well equipped with respect to the availability of basic health related facilities like thermometer, sterilizer, auto-clave, dressing drum, weight measuring machine, B. P. Apparatus, patient bed and stretcher etc.

Regular Health Checkup camps are organized with active support from hospitals and Pharma units  in the city. The health care is provided with all the essential emergency equipment to tackle all emergency conditions and  has four beds of IP care and fully equipped pharmacy services.


Health Centre Report

2/9/21 - Organized  a webinar on the topic “COVID 19 variants, prevention and the possibility of the third wave” by Dr. Neeraj  Agarwal ,  Dean AIIMS. The purpose of this webinar was to focus on emerging COVID-19 variants, how vaccines can adapt to these new variants, and how India can mitigate a potential third wave.

9/9/21- Organized a guest lecture on the Topic: Polycystic Ovarian syndrome in Adolescents by  Dr.Malvika Reddy gynecologists - from ZOI hospital 

27/10/21- Organized a guest lecture on the topic “ Bone health – Women” by Dr. Shashi Kanth  MS (Ortho), MRCS (Ed), MRCSI, FRCS (T&O) Sr. Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals.

1/11/21 -Organized a guest lecture on : Topic- Diabetes a silent killer ? By Dr Ashish chauhan Dr.Ashish Chauhan, MBBS (CMC Vellore)MD Internal Medicine (CMC Ludhiana), Consultant Apollo Hyderabad India

13/11/21- Health Centre in association with  GA dental clinic organized a talk on the topic “THE COVID 19 PATHWAY: A proposed oral vascular infection and the importance of oral healthcare  measures by dental surgeon Dr.Sindhu

31/1/22 – ‘First responders in emergencies are known to save precious lives’ Health Centre in association with the Department of Statistics organized  a workshop on the Topic “First Aid Prime-  Be Aware And Save Lives” by FLO Hyderabad, in association with ALERT.

26/03/22- Health Centre in collaboration with Thyrocare organized  a medical  camp for diagnostic tests on various profiles. Staff (teaching and admin)students and their parents availed the services provided.

Report:  2020 – 21

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, leading to the near-total closures of schools, universities and colleges.

In response to school closures, the management  recommended the use of distance learning programmes and platforms that teachers can use to reach learners remotely and limit the disruption of education. Colleges have scrambled to find creative solutions to teaching students online, in-person but socially distant, or in a hybrid format. The  pandemic  has  created  a massive  rise  in  teleconferencing,  virtual  meetings, webinars and e-conferencing opportunities


  1. Convenor Revathi   (Eng Dept)
  2. Ms .Rita -Nurse–in-charge
  3. K Sri Laxmi (Chem. Dept )PG
  4. Ms Krishnaveni (Lang Dept )
  5. Ms Urooja ( Dept)

Student members

  1. Maryam BA II
  2. Vineela BA II
  3. Malliha COM  II


Report:  2019 – 20