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St. Ann’s College for Women

Affiliated to Osmania University

Reaccredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade, CPE by UGC

Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad

Strategic Plan Document 2012 - 2020


Academic excellence, skill enhancement and value enrichment to help the girl student embark on life's journey as an empowered woman


By adopting a need based approach, synthesis of academics and ethics, innovation in learning methods, and a diversified curriculum, the college aims at providing a learning environment that integrates body, mind and spirit.

Core values

  • Transformational Learning and Growth
  • Teaching Excellence
  • Professional and Personal Integrity
  • Citizenship and Sustainability
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity
  • Institutional Wellness
  • Accountability and Responsibility for our actions



  • To promote an integral and holistic growth of young minds
  • To strengthen faith formation and reinforce ethical values with simplicity, honesty, hard work and commitment
  • To blend sacred and secular education
  • To impart spiritual and academic training which would foster sound character buildin.
  • To achieve academic excellence by making the teaching learning process more meaningful.
  • To develop critical thinking skills
  • To instill in students a lifelong sense of participation and involvement in developmental endeavors
  • To help students emerge as competent individuals capable of handling their careers and homes effectively
  • To empower students with social skills to bring about personality development
  • To train students for employment and entrepreneurship

St. Ann's College for Women was established by the congregation of the sisters of St. Ann in 1983, as an institution oriented towards the cause of need-based education, aiming at optimum growth. Ever since its inception the college has the distinction of excelling in academics and extra-curricular activities. It has, within a short span of time, acquired a reputation as one of the best colleges in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. At present, the college has a strength of above 3000 students and well - qualified staff members, belonging to as many as 28 different departments. The faculty at St. Ann's is its most valuable resource that brings with it an incomparable set of skills and knowledge. The faculty boasts of varied backgrounds in terms of specialization and experience. The fact that the college has been accorded A grade by NAAC is an endorsement of the achievements of the college. The designation of the college as "College with Potential for Excellence" (CPE) by the UGC bears testimony to the sustained efforts made by the institution in maintaining high standards of excellence. The academic, social and spiritual elements of St. Ann's college education combine to open windows of global opportunities .

St Ann’s college forWomen envisions empowerment of the girl student through academic excellence, skill enhancement and value enrichment. The mission of the institution is in tune with the objectives of higher education and strives to provide a synthesis of academics and ethics, inclusive growth and increased employability with global competencies.

Post submission of SSR in 2011, the college assessed its standing and it was decided to chart the institution’s course for the next five years. A team of senior faculty members and members of the college management set out to bring out the strategic plan document. Over the course of a series of meetings, inputs were taken from all stakeholders, faculty, students, alumni, employers and the community and the local contexts. This strategic plan highlights the institution’s priorities for the next five years. With the vision, mission and objectives in sight, this document outlines our plan of action to provide an outstanding educational experience. The priorities were classified under five heads:

I Quality academic programs

  • Apply for the grant of autonomous status
  • Work towards adopting a diversified and rich curriculum
  • Introduce skill and career oriented components in the curriculum
  • Integrate the use of IT in classroom teaching
  • Greater exposure to global knowledge frontiers by way of guest lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Strong accreditation standards
  • Excellent student approval ratings
  • Focus on research and incentivizing faculty achievements in research
  • Have a goal of international /national conferences by all the departments in the next five years.
  • Strengthen linkages with industry and other academic bodies by the departments

II Faculty and staff development

  • To continue to attract and retain dedicated staff with their unique skill sets
  • Ensure that recruitment is done from diverse backgrounds
  • Strong emphasis on faculty development programs and skill enhancement
  • Financial support for attending conferences and registration for M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs and seed money for projects
  • Training all the faculty in increased use of technology
  • Continue to focus on welfare measures to ensure personal and professional well being and prompt redressal of grievances.

III For the students

  • Continue to maintain an open and transparent admission policy
  • Work towards improving diversity of the intake
  • Help in the cultural integration of such students
  • Improve ways to measure student satisfaction and use the information to enhance effectiveness of delivery and improve outcomes. Plan for online feedback system.
  • Increased efforts for student internships and exchange programs
  • Strengthening association with alumni by opening alumni chapters outside the city
  • Strengthening the placement process with emphasis on training and providing necessary infrastructure for conduct of online testing by recruiting companies.
  • With excellence in sports being one of the crowning glories of the institution increased support for sports students by way of freeships, scholarships, food supplements and training by renowned coaches
  • Increase support for activities of the women’s studies cell, Eco Club and SAHHARA

IV Finances

  • To identify multiple sources for raising finances to fulfill the various plans and activities of the departments and clubs and cells
  • To apply for grant of CPE under 12th plan
  • To apply for other grants from UGC and other funding agencies
  • Raise funds through infrastructure leasing

V Infrastructure and technology integration

  • Construct more IT enabled seminar halls and classrooms
  • Equip more number of classrooms with smart boards
  • Construct rooms on the third floor to meet increased needs
  • Identify a location and plan for the construction of an examination cell in the event of the college going autonomous
  • Improve IT communications and efficiencies
  • Improve administrative infrastructure
  • Increase IT training for administrative staff
  • Enhance academic computing facilities
  • Strengthen library infrastructure
  • Update internal communication systems
  • Upgrade automation in the office
  • Work towards complete automation in areas of admission, finance, accounting , examination conduct and processes.

Thus in the next five years, the institution will strive tirelessly towards academic excellence, improving infrastructure and operations, greater engagement with stakeholders and community around and strengthening brand St.Ann’s.

Plan in decades, think in years, work in months, count in days and live in the moment.