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Stay Psych fit @ Pandemic

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Stay Psych fit @ Pandemic

Maitri Psychological Helpline

Dear Young Champions ,

We are facing a gripping pandemic-Covid19  & it is frightening to witness the world  facing a global health crisis affecting people in diverse ways , and most importantly the psychological health.

Mental Health & Emotional Well Being becomes our primary concern on this day of uncertainty. It is particularly imperative for girls & women as studies show that females are more prone to mental illness than men as the woman has a larger responsibility for she is the one who sustains the family.

With no domestic help coming, the female folks have to over work, with entire family staying at home with their growing demands for food and other things, with scare of being affected with the virus to the fear of the unknown which is the hardest thing to  handle to  students embroiled with confusion and anxiousness of the academics, examinations , careers etc etc, everything takes a toll on your mental health. Often we experience :

      Fear & Anxiety



      Sleeplessness or impaired sleep

      Trauma of being affected by the Corona Virus


It is quite normal for anyone to go through this phase in the prevailing situations but its not necessary that we get affected with it.There are many coping strategies to deal with them:-


1.Understand your anxieties- you should pay attention to what makes you fear ,what is over whelming you ,how you are feeling while reading them and adjust yourself accordingly

  1.  Stay informed –don’t obsessively check for the news, its important to be informed about what is happening in your community and to take necessary precautions  but there is a lot of misinformation going around that will feed your fear and traumatise you.so stick to only trustworthy sources like WHO

     Limit the frequency of checking updates ,because constant watch on it can trigger anxiety rather than easing it. Every individual has different threshold –ie the extent of limit

     Step away from media if it makes you feel over whelming, fix a specific time frame ,like to watch only morning news /or evening news or limit to a time frame of 30 mins only per day

      Or ask someone to just share the major updates

2.Focus on things you can control- we are  in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, inspite of governments taking many steps to curb it ,it still is causing harm to mankind ,we have no control on the situation ,so instead of panicking and getting caught up in the fear ,do things that you can control

  1.  Washing your hands frequently

      Maintain personal hygiene

     Staying home as much as possible

     Avoiding non-essential shopping

     Physical distancing

      Following the recommendation of health authorities

      Eating healthy food  & getting plenty of sleep-because both boosts the immunity system

3.Plan for what you can do –Its natural for all of us to get worried about the work /our jobs, children’s schools, health of the elders ,about the quarantine etc etc but the worry will only increase the anxiety

  1.   Write down what worries you specifically –if it overwhelms you take a break

     Make list of possible solutions you can think of

     Focus on things that you think you can change

     Considering above things draw a plan of action and keep it ready ,don’t keep on checking it,you consider it only when there is a circumstance.

 4.Stay connected –while in-person visits are restricted ,we feel physically isolated. We,Humans are social animals ,when we are isolated ,we feel loneliness, anxiety & depression ,that’s why its important that we stay connected .Thanks to the technology and smart phones ,we can always stay connected

  1.   Make it a priority to stay in touch with family & friends, call them,make video calls, chat with them , plan scheduled calls through different apps, do an activity together like chanting prayers ,playing games etc .by doing so your mental health increases ,risk of depression reduces ,it eases the stress.

     Don’t let Corona virus dominate your conversations, simply enjoy the others company –to laugh, share stories

     Be mindful of the Emotins –Everyone is going through the same difficult times ,every one is need of reassurance ,don’t be negative in what you talk

5.Self  Care -Take care of your body & Spirit –This is extremely  important .

  1.  Be kind yourself, go easy on yourself ,you are not the only one going through this struggle

     Maintain a routine-stick to a schedule for eating, sleeping etc

     Take time out for activities you enjoy- read books, paint ,cook etc

     Meditate &Exercise

6.Be kind & Help Others –whatever way possible ,your small gesture of help not only makes a difference to your  community and the wider world,it also helps your mental health & wellbeing

  1.  Donate food, clothes ,money to the needy

     Feed animals with food & water

     Fetch groceries & medicines to the people in your neighborhood if they can’t do it themselves

7.Foster positive thinking-You are what you think you are .It’s all about mending of the mind.

  1.  Begin your day on a positive note

     Stay around with positive people

     Be receptive to humour

     Be observant of the little things that give you happiness

8.Pray – It is said that a day without a prayer is a day without a blessing and a life without a prayer is a life without power.

  1.  Start your day with prayer ,end your day with prayer

     Pray for all that you have which many in the world outside are not fortunate enough to have them

9.Express Gratitude-Gratitude enhances happiness, improves physical & psychological health ,gives you strength to fight the odds of life.

  1.  Reflect upon & appreciate the good things in your life

     Be thankful to people who love and care for you

     Reciprocate with kindness to others

     Pick up the habit of writing  gratitude journal

10.Practice Mindfulness-Its living in the present moment ,being mindful of yourself reduces stress,it helps you to focus

  1.  Pay attention to your senses

     Experience what is around  you

     Focus on your breath


Your Counsellor.