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  1. To stimulate and support research related activities including research programs, research projects, and research publications of unaided faculty through funding
  2. To establish eligibility norms & conditions.
  3. To streamline process of funding.
  4. To monitor the progress of research programs.

  1. To stimulate and support research related activities:
  • Seed grants: Small research grants used to cover operating expenses of a research program or project.
    • 10 000 for MRP
    • 10 000 for PhD
    • 7 000 for M.Phil
  • Incentives: Incentives for publishing in International, National journals & Conference volumes.
  • Rs 3,500/- for publications in international UGC listed Journals
    • 3,000 for publications in  national UGC listed Journals
    • 2,000 for Publications in international publications
    • 1,500 for National Publications
  • Corpus Fund: To maintain a research centre & an in-house journal.
  • 20% of annual research grants to be reserved as corpus fund.
  1.  To establish eligibility norms & conditions:
  Research programmes     (PhD, M.Phil & MRP)  
  • All lecturers with a minimum of 3 years of service for M.Phil, 5 years service for PhD and 5 years of service for MRP are eligible for seed grants.
  • Phil and PhD research programs should be registered at the time of applying for funding.
  • Lecturers selected for PhD funding will be granted seed money in two installments.
  • Seed money for MRP is also given in two installments. First installment is granted at the time of commencement of the project and second installment only on publication of the project in a reputed journal.
  • Lecturers availing financial assistance from other sources will not be eligible for seed grants from the management.
  • Lecturers already availing seed money for their research programs from the management will not be granted any further amount for the same project.
  • Lecturers who discontinue their research program will have to refund the grant paid to them.
  • Lecturers who change their research program after receiving seed grant should refund the amount paid to them earlier and forward a fresh proposal.
  • Lecturers who have completed a research program (PhD, M.Phil or MRP) can apply for another grant after a gap of two years from the date of completion of the earlier project.
  Research Publications  
  • Incentives will be awarded to unaided faculty members for publishing papers in reputed International, National journals and conference volumes with ISBN / ISSN number.
  • Incentives will not be given for publication of :
  1. Books
  2. Textbooks
  3. Seminar papers in department journals
  4. Proceedings published in conference volumes without ISBN/ISSN       number.
  5. Publications published when not in service.
  6. Papers co-authored with aided lecturers.
  • Papers published during the academic period June to April (last working day) will be accepted for award of incentives in the following academic year.
  • Announcement of incentives will be made during the first general staff meeting held in June.
  • Publications by aided lecturers will not receive any incentives
  • Papers published by aided lecturers and other publications by unaided lecturers which are not eligible for award of incentives will however be announced in the first general staff meeting.
  • Notice of grant of seed money and award of incentives will be sent to recipients in the month of June.
  1.   To streamline the process of funding:
  • Announcement inviting proposals & publications.
    • Notice inviting proposals & publications will be sent to all Departments in the month of January. Proposals and publications will be accepted till the last working day in April.
  • Peer review of proposals.
    • Peer review members :
      • Chairperson -           Principal
      • Members -           Members of the research funding committee
      • Dean -           Dean Academics & Administration
    • Review criteria
      • Relevance of project
      • Quality of proposed research
      • Experience (Number of years of service)
      • Budget (Availability of funds).
    • Duties of members of research funding committee
      1. to check applications for completeness
      2. to shortlist applications
      3. to ensure fair & objective review of proposals
      4. to ensure publications meet the eligibility criteria
      5. to adhere to guidelines & policies
      6. f) to discuss budget  (funding is contingent on the availability of funds).
    • Notice to recipients of seed grants & incentives.
    • Notice announcing the grant of seed money and incentives will be sent to the lecturers selected in the month of June.
    • Compliance with Terms and Conditions of Award.
An undertaking signed by all recipients of seed grants accepting the following terms and conditions.
  • Lecturers should complete the project within the stipulated period. (3 to 5 years for PhD, 3 to 4 years for M.Phil and 2 years for MRP.
  • Lecturers should submit an annual progress report to the committee.
  • Lecturers should continue 2 years in service after award of degree (M.Phil, PhD) or completion of MRP.
  • Lecturers should submit a statement of expenditure incurred at the end of the program.
  • Lecturers should submit a report of the thesis / copy of the publication to the committee.
  • Lecturers should acknowledge the support received from the management while publishing the results of their study.
  1. To monitor the progress of research programs
    • Progress reports: Progress reports are required annually. It should describe progress on all objectives, highlight any important results obtained and include list of publications.
    • Final report: On completion of the research project an electronic copy should be submitted to the research committee. It should contain all the pertinent information and results obtained from the research.