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Department of Zoology






M.sc (Ph.D)

Ms.Juveria Azmanth


Ms.N Kavya


Dr.K.M.Poonam Dev


The Department


A girl student of today, who is aware of life's processes shall become a successful career woman of tomorrow with highly desirable human qualities.




In tune with the institutional objectives, the department aims

  • To provide inputs required to understand various branches of Zoology such as Systematics, Morphology, Anatomy, Embryology, Genetics, Evolution, Animal Physiology, Ecology, Ethnology, Sericulture, Fisheries, Immunology, Biotechnology etc.  So that they can use this course as a launching pad to pursue advance studies in modern and contemporary fields.
  • To develop overall personality of the students through value oriented counseling which will help them in facing the challenges of life.
  • To inculcate a sense of social responsibility among the students by involving them in community service activities.


Areas of Research

  • Epidemiology
  • Water Analysis
  • Limnology
  • Environmental Toxicology

All the faculty members are actively engaged in presenting,publishing papers at various National and International conferences.  Faculty members completed Minor Research Research projecs. Faculty members have taken up new projects.  

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

  • The College was granted Star College status by DBT and the Department was selected.
  • Mrs.D.Divya, Dr.Tasneem Jahan and Dr.D.Sirisha applied for a project “Development of Manual for Identification of Species in Mangrove Regions and its implementation” under NCERT and were recommended it.
  • Dr.Tasneem Jahan and Mrs.D.Divya applied for a project “Invasive Control of Rats in Fields and Domestic places using safe Rodenticides” under DST, GOI-TSCOST-PRG Program and were successfully selected for the first level.
  • All the members of the Department were actively involved in Research work in the form of Research projects, Research Publications and Paper and poster presentations.
  • Dr.Tasneem Jahan & Mrs.Juvaria Azmath were granted a CPE research project and it is in the process of completion.
  • Mrs.D.Divya was granted college research project (ARP) and CPE research project and they are in the process of completion.
  • The Department published 14 Research papers in UGC approved International Peer Reviewed Journals.1 Research Paper is under review in Scopus indexed Journal.
  • The members presented 5 papers and 3 posters in National& International conferences/Symposia and were awarded best paper and poster awards for the same.
  • The Department published an e-manual as well as a printed manual for semester III and IV.
  • All the members of the department have actively participated in Webinars and FDP’s during the lockdown period. A total of about 40 webinars and 7 FDP’s were attended.
  • The Department organized the e-poster competition on the topic “Effect of covid -19 on animals “ got tremendous response from all over the country over 70 students have participated within 2 days.