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Department of Statistics

"Analyse to Understand"



Ms. D. Srikala, HoD

M.Sc., M.Phil (Ph.D)

Ms.V.Sai Sri Kishore


Ms.V.Sai Sarada




The Department


"Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write" .H.G Wells
By creating awareness about the universal application of the subject, the department's endeavor is to make statistics the most interesting course.


Statistics is a modern tool of immense versatility with which one can both explore and measure the variability and uncertainty inherent in reality in almost any field. The primary objective of the department of statistics is to take the students from the classroom environ to the "outside".

  • Conceptual knowledge, which is primary to any subject, is emphasized upon.  By presenting “real” data in relevant examples and realistic situations, the “concepts” are illustrated.
  • Independent thinking and development of problem solving skills among students is considered of primary importance.


  • Ms. Sai Sri Kishore, faculty of the department & Ms. Sheela Priyanka, a second year student of the department published a paper on Prevalence of abnormal BMI among adolescent girls in an online journal ANN QUEST

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

  • The faculty of the department extends the expertise as consultancy in the area of statistical analysis for research projects, publications, M.Phil. & Ph.D. theses for the faculty, students of the institution and to outside researchers too.
  • Ms.Srikala, HoD has co-authored curriculums based textbooks in the subject of Statistics for undergraduate programs, published by Kalyani Publishers, and are in wide circulation. Also edited statistics course material for distance education at Osmania University – PGRRCDE.
  • The members of the department share their knowledge in the subject by being resource persons at various workshops, seminars and guest lectures at different places like NIMS, Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI), Osmania University, C R Rao AIMSCS-UoH Campus, Nizam College, St.Pious College, Andhra Mahila Sabha, etc.
  • The department has an active student club-Sigma Club under which various activities are carried out and it organizes an yearly fest, termed as STATA FEST -numerous academic and fun competitions are organized, which attracts a big number of students from the colleges in twin cities. Also, it brings out an annual department magazine- STAT SPACE which is a compilation of the reports of the mini projects/case studies carried out by students, articles, statistical puzzles, and information on higher education in statistics subject and career prospects.
  • The students of the department are encouraged to participate in various inter-collegiate competitions organized in twin cities and many laurels were brought back to the department.
  • To cultivate the research temper among the students, the faculty encourages the students to participate in national/international conferences, guides and mentors them to present the papers as well and publish as well.
  • The department is proud to have a strong alumni base, doing research in reputed universities/institutes, pursuing careers at different levels in government and private organizations in India and abroad.
  • The department has more than 100 students registered in Youth For Seva (YFS) working as volunteers for different activities organised by YFS.