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Department of Psychology

"Know thyself"



Ms.S.Sujani ,HoD

MA-Psychology & Para-Psychology

Ms.Sritha Chandana



The Department of Psychology is to provide a personalized and meaningful learning experiences that foster academic excellence, instill ethics and values, and evolve the students into a Positive Personality where the inner and outer persona is strengthened and emerge as Happy Individuals and encourage a lifelong love of learning.


  • To appreciate the value of psychological science in society
  • To lay the foundations for a scientific perspective and create awareness about the observational and research skills necessary to pursue the science of psychology
  • To develop critical thinking skills and the ability to express oneself effectively in written and oral communication
  • To provide a greater understanding of human behaviour which is a prerequisite for harmonious existence in society.

Department Highlights

  • 2 Courses: BA-PEP (Psychology, Economics, Political Sciences and BA- PLP (Psychology, Literature, Political Science)
  • 1 PG Diploma –Counselling Psychology.
  • 1 IDC course (Interdisciplinary course) Positive Psychology for final year students.
  • 1 COC (Career Oriented Course) – Interpersonal Communication Skills for second Year students
  • 1 SOC (Skill Oriented Course)- Happiness
  • 1 AOC (Add on Course) – Essential Counselling Skills
  • Helpline Number for students and Faculty is available 24*7 Free counselling will be provided.7680983212
  • International webinar was conducted on 7th sept 2021.

Title was awareness on STILL LIFE- HOPE on Suicide Prevention Day.


Completed Research Project

  • Lata Subramanya is co-investigator, with Manjula Rao, Department of French, “An exploratory study to measure and identify factors affecting adjustment in college students at entry level.” 

Papers Presented

  • A Case Study of a Male Tennis Player – National Conference of Sports Psychology, OU, Hyderabad.
  • “ Psyche meets Nature” at the International Conference “Land, Culture, and Knowledge Systems”, jointly organized by OSLE – India & St. Ann’s College 
  • "Exploring the Interpersonal Context of Adolescent Depression" at UGC sponsored National Workshop “Counseling Initiatives and Recent in Varied Settings” held at St. Francis College, Hyderabad.