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Department of Political Science





Ms.Lungmila Longvah


Mrs.Monika Sharma


The Department


To provide the students with knowledge and mental skills to enable them to act intelligently as citizens, conscious of their rights and obligations.


  • To groom the students in sound analytical tools and contextual study of political institutions and ideas. 
  • The concepts, strategies and methods should be understood by the students in depth with a view to ensure their practical application. 
  • To focus more on methodology 
  • To take appropriate measures for promoting inter-disciplinary studies 
  • To instill in students a lifelong sense of participation, involvement and satisfaction as contributors to the wider developmental endeavors.

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

    • K.Sushmita of BA EPP was the Outstanding student in BA Program Autonomous Batch 2015-2018.
    • Kavyasri K was the institutional topper and was awarded as the Best Outstanding student of the Autonomous Batch of 2016-2019 batch.
    • N.Padma got 3rd rank in OUCET PG, 2020 Entrance test in Political Science .
    • Ms G.Manvitha BA II year,Title of the Programme: Near East South Asia and Sub –Saharan Undergraduate scholarship in 2014. She was selected for Near East South Asia and Sub –Saharan Undergraduate scholarship in 2014 . She availed an exchange programme at State University of New York College at Plattsburg , New York and completed her course work.
    • Ms.Samreen Fatima of B.A final 2015-2016 was selected for NESA (Near East-SouthAsia) undergraduate program for the year 2016, Title of the Programme: NESA (Near East-SouthAsia) undergraduate program for the year 2016. The NESA Undergraduates program is one of the most prestigious and most competed for undergraduate fellowship programs in the world. It is run by the Department of State, the United States. She completed her course work at Chatham University.
    • The Department offers Political science as the core subject in all the Seven combinations that the college provides JLP, EPP, HEP, PEP, HLP, HPP, & PLP.
    • The department has 6 live MOUs which immensely help in the growth of the students.



    Faculty members published papers at National and International Conferences.