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Department of Nutrition (UG & PG)



Ms.Meena Pathangey,HoD

M.sc.,P.G.Dip in Dietetics



Ms.Y.V.Phani Kumari


Mrs.Urooja Birjis Fatima


Mrs.Hannah Jessie Francis.T


Dr.Poonam Singhal


Ms.Ashan Singhal



Advancement and application of Nutrition Science for the promotion of well being of the society and equipping the students with relevant and substantial knowledge and skills.


  • Department aims to make the students comprehend the concepts of Nutrition and gain a command over the subject to be applied in day to day life.
  • To pursue Nutrition oriented courses as a career option.
  • To ensure employability of the students through skill enhancement.


The faculty members of the Department published 11 research papers in UGC certified journals in the year 2018-19.

Mrs Phani Kumari registerd for PhD in Osmania University.

Three Student Research Projects were carried out by the UG students.

10 Hospital internship case study projects were undertaken out by the students of Pg Diploma Nutrition and dietetics during the Academic year 2018-19 and most of them were published in UGC certified International journals.

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

  • Started MSc. Programme in clinical Nutrition with 48 merit students.
  • Inauguration of MSc Lab by Superior Genearl Rev.Mother P.Anthonamma.
  • Department has 11 Paper publications to its credit.
  • Meena Kumari was awarded SADHANA AWARD and Honorary Doctorate
  • Hospital Internships:PG DIP students undergoing internship in 6 Hospitals
  • Nutriprenuership: Sale of healthy and nutritious snacks and NUTRIX-Low cost multigrain Iron and Calcium rich health drink by UG students
  • Fieldtrips:4 (Masqati, Parle-G, Sids farm,Akshaya Patra)
  • Research Review article:7 PG & PG DIP  students have started the work of  review articles.
  • Research Proposal(Dissertation): 48 Msc students have presented and discussed their Research proposals with the faculty members.
  • Meena Kumari was appointed as Vice President of the IAPEN Hyderabad Chapter.
  • Foundation of Healthcare Technologies SocietyInternships:PG students  are going to undergo virtual internship for 45 days.
  • Total number of Online events conducted during Covid-19 Pandemic:16
  • Virtual Guest Lectures organised:5
  • National Virtual Webinar Organised:1
  • International Virtual Webinar Organised:1
  • Online Intercollegiate Competitions Conducted:4
  • Events focusing COVID-19:5