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Department of Microbiology



Ms. Ch.Jyothi,HoD

M.sc, (Ph.D)






To lay strong foundation for life sciences in general and Microbiology in particular. To facilitate scientific temper, promoteanalytical thinking and help transition of students learning styles from passive to active.


Faculty Level: One UGC Sponsored minor research project and one minor research project funded by college seed grant were completed by faculty of the department post autonomy status.

Dr.Sneha Gogte as principal investigator & Ms.Jyothi.Ch as co-investigator:Completed oneUGC MRP titled Study of Antimicrobial Action of Medicinal Plants against nosocomial pathogens using their synergistic action from 2015-17

Ms.Ch.Jyothi as Principal Investigator-Completed MRP titled Isolation and Characterization of Rhizobacteria from various crop soils from 2017-18.(College seed grant)

Department Highlights

● Department is recognized for financial support under the strengthening component of Star College Scheme by DBT in the academic year 2019-20.

● A two-day National Level workshop and competition series on the Topic “Development of Smart Anti-Microbiology Agent to fight AMR” was organized by Departments of Microbiology and Biochemistry jointly in association with E-cell, IIT Mumbai from 13th to 14th February 2020.Dr.Danish Ali,Professor,Guru Gobind Singh IP University, New Delhi was resource person for workshop with expertise in the fields of molecular medicine, tropical medicine, emerging infectious diseases, infection control, antimicrobial resistance/stewardship, and travel medicine.Two day workshop included scientific sessions on anti-microbials and antimicrobial resistance, recent outbreak coronavirus, molecular bioinformatics & hands on training on phenotypic methods of antimicrobial resistance and cultivation of viruses.

● Organized one week workshop on Exploring Microbial Diversity in collaboration with Center for Advancement of Research Skills(CARS) of Dr.Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences (DRILS) has .Sixteen students of first and final years participated in this workshop and got trained on scientific methodology of exploring microbial diversity from various samples.

● Organized a short course on Integrating concepts in biology in collaboration with Center for Advancement of Research skills(CARS),Dr.Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences(DRILS) Dr Anil Kumar Challa,Visiting Scientist, Dr.Reddy’sInstitute of Life Sciences & Adjunct Professor,Dept of Biology, University of Alabama, Birmingham was the resource person.Six week course provided the students an experience of research by reading,understanding and presenting recent article culminating in an interactive poster session at Dr.Reddy’sInstitute, UoH campus on 18th September 2019.

● Department facilitated six final year students with an opportunity of summer internship in field of diagnostic microbiology to gain real time exposure and undergo training in procedures of lab diagnosis like Sample/Specimen Collection, sample processing, diagnostic tests, automated diagnostics/Rapid Diagnostics for Infections at Saboo Diagnostics, Begum Bazaar.

● Facilitated a certified On Job Training (OJT) program in Medical Coding with support of our collaborators BRP Technologies to 16 students of second year who completed Medical coding as their career oriented course to gain real time exposure on medical coding process. Students were trained to read, interpret, record and track complex medical information quickly and transfer these codes from the sources to medical billing systems.

Mrs.Jyothi.Ch, Head, Attended FDP-Hands on Workshop on Exploring MicroBiodiversity with 16s rRNA profiling from 21/8/2019 to 23/8/2019 organized by Centre for Advanced Research Skills(CARS) at Dr.Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences(DRILS),UoH Campus.

● Completed a FDP offered by NPTEL on Genetic Engineering, Theory and Application under Elite category .

Mrs.Krishnapriya.K, Lecturer:Completed a FDP offered by NPTEL on Educational Leadership under Elite + Gold category

participated in Hands on Workshop on Exploring the molecular world using using 3D models from 30/8/2019 to 31/8/2019 organized by Centre for Advanced Research Skills(CARS) at Dr.Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences(DRILS),UoH Campus.

Mrs.Krishnapriya.K, and Mrs.Naveena.K Participated in Association of Microbiologists of India sponsored, State level workshop on extraction and detection of Mycotoxins from various food samples on 11/11/2019 organized by Dept of Microbiology, St.Pious X Degree and PG College in collaboration with Dept.of Microbiology,Osmania University at St.Pious X Degree and PG College.