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Department of History

"Quest for Truth"



Ms.Meeta Joshi



The department's vision is to orient the students in understanding the past, learn from the present to build a bright future.


  • To inculcate a spirit of curiosity and to cultivate a sense of History
  • To infuse a sense of pride in the culture and heritage of our nation.
  • To foster a better understanding of the future by drawing parallels with the past.


Books Edited

  • Title: Women in Nation Building:  A Multi-dimensional Perspective
    Editors: Nalini Shivkumar & Rema Mahalingam ISBN: 81-903665-4-8
    Punchajanya Publications

    Papers Published
  • “Benefits of Information Literacy to the Students, Citizens and Employess” Book Title: Information Literacy – Role of College Libraries, 2010, ISBN-978-81-7446-814-7 Excel Publications
  •  Reviving Ancient Knowledge Systems to Enrich Planet Earth in Climate Change” Issues and Concerns (IUP) ISBN-978-81-314-2701-9
  •   “Feminist Expressions in Literature: A Review of Betty Friedan’s ‘Feminine Mystique’(American Literature) , Book title: Trends in English Language Teaching – The Changing Langscape of English, 2011-ISBN: 978-81-311-0382-1
  • Book title: Trends in English Language Teaching – The Changing Langscape of English, 2011-ISBN: 978-81-311-0382-1 – Paper Published-“The Changing Langscape of English” (Commonwealth Publications)


  • Coffee table book “Divas of Deccan” by Nalini Shivkumar and Rema Mahalingam.
  • E-book “Divas of Deccan” by Nalini Shivkumar and Rema Mahalingam for www.ebooksforpleasure.com


  • “A comparative study of Indigenous people: Aboriginal Australians and Chenchu Tribes in India”
  • “Culture of Buddhism in Andhra Pradesh – Its Status, Government Policies: A Review”
  • “Contribution of Mudaliars to the Culture of Telangana” - 

    Papers presented at International and National Seminars
  • “The Business of Running a Home” at the UGC sponsored National level seminar Role of Women in Nation Building: A Multi-dimensional Perspective -  St. Ann’s College for Women, Hyderabad.
  •  “Revisiting Feminine Mystique: Betty Friedan” paper presented at a National Level Conference on “Changing Paradigms and Perceptions: Challenges of Contextualizing English in The Global Era” organized by CELT –OU.
  • “Emerging Trends in the Journalese of the Print Media with Specific Reference to South India” at the International Symposium on Grammar and Meaning - at Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur.
  • “Status of Irrigation in Telangana: An Overview” at the National seminar on Irrigation and Agricultural Development in Telangana 19th & 20th Centuries, AD at the Department of History, Osmania University.
  • “ Eco Feminism from an Indian Perspective” at the II International conference on Towards a Greener Era-Interdisciplinary Approaches organized by AIMS & OSLE, Bangalore .
  • “A Socio-Cultural Religious Approach to Samskaras: Exploring their Relevance in the 21st Century” in the III International conference on Land, Culture and Knowledge System organized by St. Ann’s and OSLE.
  • “Decision Making as a Tool for Empowering Women” by N. V. Kavitha and Nalini Shivkumar at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Osmania University College for Women, Hyderabad.
  • “Benefits of Information Technology” in a national seminar on “E-Literati: Information Literacy and the Role of College Libraries in Sustaining Lifelong Learning Skills among the Users” organized by St. Ann’s College for Women, Hyderabad.
  • “Reviving Ancient Knowledge Systems to Enrich Planet Earth” paper presented at an International Conference on the theme “Green Summit on Climate Change - Issues and Concerns” 
  •  “A Comparative Study of Indigenous People: Aboriginal Australians & Chenchu Tribes” by Ms. Nalini Shivkumar and Dr. B. Malini Reddy in an international seminar on “Hyderabad State: Society, Economy and Politics 1724 to 1956” .
  •  “Feminine Malevolence in the Indian Context: Exploring Villainy of Women in Hindu Epics” by Nalini Shivkumar and Rema Mahalingam presented at the 3rd Global Conference - Evil, Women and the Feminine, in Warsaw, Poland.

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

  • Department of history organised a seminar on road safety on 11th July,2017. Principal secretary,Mr.Sunil Sharma I.A.S. Road and transport department enlightened the students with quite good tips.
  • The Department organised 2 field trips,one to Salarjung Museum and one to Nagarjunasagar.
  • The Department held a National Seminar on the topic “Why should we study History?”15 colleges participated in it
  • The Department organised a guest lecture on the health of women which was very informative to students.
  • Department along with the Genetics Department held a panel discussion on the topic evolutionof human genetics a historical perspective a historical perspective on 2nd July 2018
  • A field trip to Nagarjuna konda museum was organised on 14th July 2018..
  • Department signed an MOU with Intach to conduct various activities.
  • Department participated in a Heritage run organised by Intach at taramati on 18th June2018.