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Department of Genetics



Dr. V.Venugopal Rao,HoD

M.Sc , Ph.D


M.Sc, Ph.D


To bring out the potentialities and capabilities of the students to the maximum for their optimum development.


  • o impart quality education and to promote excellence in academic endeavors to make the students capable of facing challenges in the competitive environment.
  • To provide experimental skills and application based knowledge which will equip the students to handle careers and roles effectively in the society.


  • Department has motivated and encouraged Research activity in the form of student Research projects on the aspects of Obesity, Ovarian Cancer, Myopia and Intelligence,  Thyroid disorders,Human Genetic traits.
  • 4 Student projects on 1.obesity vs blood group antigens2.,probability distribution of sex ratio,3.Alzheimers disease-a case study,4 genotoxicity of food coloring agents, were carried out and findings were published
  • 5 ALP projects on 1 damage and repair of DNA,2,obesity and pregnancy,3genotoxicity of herbal and synthetic tooth paste,4 Incidence of color blindness among female students of the college,5 Antibacterial property of Indian traditional substances
  • 1 paper presentation on Problem of dementia –who is at risk?
  • 4 international publications and 3 e.journals
  • Research consultancy provided to DNB students from Sun Shine Hospitals and M.Sc.Nutrition students of our college …

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

  • Genetics department was approved as one of the participating departments under DBT star college scheme 2020,sanctioned an amount 44 lakhs to update lab facilities ,student skill enhancement and research.
  • Initiated and established MOUs and linkages with premier institutes of research viz.,GMERF – Global Hospitals,Vasavi Hospital & Research centre,Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases,Innobiome technologies,Triton Biosolutions&ALEAP –We Hub for Internships/student projects/COC/Research.
  • Faculty members (Dr.V.Venugopal Rao,Dr.N.Swapna) rendered research consultancy for DNB students and M.Sc.Applied Nutrition students for analysis of data collected for their dissertations using SPSS package.
  • Students were encouraged to takeup ALP projects ,which resulted in publications in International Journals.
  • One of the published papers was recognized and included in the compiled book’ Recent Progress in Microbiology and Biotechnology’ vol.4.Dec 29th ,2020
  • HOD(Dr.V.Venugopal Rao ) was awarded SARA(St.Ann’s Research Award 2016-17for significant contributions in research.
  • Dr.V.V.Rao served as Ethics committee member DDHRC- Hyderabad for a period of 5 years
  • Dr.V.V.Rao was appointed as subject expert to frame syllabus for Integrated M.Sc.program in Biological Sciences of SSSIHL,Prasanthi Nilayam,Ananthapur Dist.
  • Dr.V.V.Rao was nominated as SAC (Scientific Advisory Committee) member of MAA research foundation.
  • Dr.Swapna Published SCOPUS INDEX paper “morphological, biochemical and plant growth promoting characterization of rhizobia isolated from root nodule of cajanus cajan l” Plant Archives Vol. 20, Supplement 2, 2020 pp. 1293-1299
  • Dr.Swapna In collaboration with National Institute for Nutrition,Hyderabad published a paper titled “ Newborn Screening and Single Nucleotide Variation profiling of TSHR, TPO, TG and DUOX2 candidate genes for congenital hypothyroidism” in Molecular Biology Reports 47, pages7467–7475(2020)
  • Best practices:

  • Motivation of students towards research activity created a greater impact on the maintainance of Good Laboratory Practices.
  • Awarness of genetic councelling and its impact of consangunity marriages in society made the students to talk about the awarness of genetic inheritance and its importance running through families.