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Department of Computer Science



Ms.K.Naga Nandini,HoD

M Sc., M Tech.

Ms. P N Kavitha

M.Sc., M. Phil, M.Tech.,(Ph.D)

Ms.Aparna Bulusu

B.Tech. M.S (Ph.D), APSET

Ms.Lydia Marina


Ms.M.Lavanya Reddy




Ms.R Renuka


The Department


"Ubiquitous Computing"

The department stresses on the importance of computer proficiency to everyone in any field which it feels is a necessity in today's competitive world.


  • To introduce the youth to the revolutionary technological changes by laying a very strong foundation.
  • By restoring the talents and maximizing the knowledge and upgrading the overall personality forming a unique icon in this highly competitive world.
  • To provide greater opportunities in career and help them to face the challenges of the modern age.  In short to begin the journey of thousands sites with a single click.


  •  Ms. Aparna is pursuing  Ph.D at KL University,Vijayawada.
  •  Ms.Kavitha has registered for Ph.D at JS University,Shikhohabad,U.P.
  •  ARP-by Ms.Kavitha titled “Efficient Algorithms for mining top-K high utility item sets” in Data Mining has completed.
  •  Ms.Aparna presented papertitled Usage of   ML-Techniques in NLP,at the National Conference(NWCOTI-2018),KLU,and Vijayawada.
  • Ms.Aparna attended a 5 day Workshop on Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks and ASR (ASR-19) from March 8th to 12th organized by Research and Navigational Unit for Navigational Electronics,O.U.Hyd.

Department Highlights

  • The Institution has introduced Sc. (Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science) as part of B.Sc. curriculum in the current academic year. This is a new addition to the programmes being offered by the dept.
  • The Dept. Introduced two new COC courses during this academic year -
      1. Artificial Intelligence and 2. Machine Learning.
  • The performance and result in final examination of outgoing batch students(R17) and overall result of the dept. has been very good and encouraging.
  • The Dept. organized a National Webinar on ‘Introduction to Data Visualization’ on 29/7/2020. Vinay Chaganti, VP, Byndr Inc. was the resource person.
  • On occasion of Computer Literacy Day on 2nd December 2020, the department conducted a National online ‘Technovanza’ for faculty and students. Several of them participated in the competitions.
  • The Depts of Statistics and Computer Sc. organized a Workshop on ‘Overview of Data Analysis Using MS-Excel’ for the students on 6/3/2021. D. V. Ramana, Data Science Consultant, Wissen Infotech was the resource person.
  • The Dept. organized a Webinar on ‘Programmatic Thinking with Python’ for students on 20th April 2021.Ms. N. Hemalatha, Trainer/Developer, Schema Technologies was the resource person.
  • The Dept. of Computer Sc. and IIC, SAIC (St. Ann’s Incubation Centre) in Collaboration with Digital Tarak conducted a Webinar on Advanced Digital Marketing ‘A place where ideas grow’ on 5th April 2021. Mr. Tarakram Thumati, Director of Digital Tarak, Hyderabad was the resource person.
  • P. N. Kavitha received the Best Eminent Teacher Award from Vij trust, Thirunindravur, Tamil Nadu.
  • Students from I, II, III years enthusiastically contributed articles for the dept.’s Newsletter ‘Pragyna’.
  • The Dept.’s faculty have published papers in journals. They contributed to the committees of which they are a part of in their capacity as convener/member.
  • Three of the faculty members Ms. Aparna, Ms. Kavitha and Ms. Deepthi are pursuing Ph.D.