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Department of Computer Science



Ms.K.Naga Nandini,HoD

M Sc., M Tech.

Ms. P N Kavitha

M.Sc., M. Phil, M.Tech.,(Ph.D)

Ms.Aparna Bulusu

B.Tech. M.S (Ph.D)

Ms.Lydia Marina


Ms.M.Lavanya Reddy




Ms.Deepthi Gurram


The Department


"Ubiquitous Computing"

The department stresses on the importance of computer proficiency to everyone in any field which it feels is a necessity in today's competitive world.


  • To introduce the youth to the revolutionary technological changes by laying a very strong foundation.
  • By restoring the talents and maximizing the knowledge and upgrading the overall personality forming a unique icon in this highly competitive world.
  • To provide greater opportunities in career and help them to face the challenges of the modern age.  In short to begin the journey of thousands sites with a single click.


  •  Ms. Aparna is pursuing  Ph.D at KL University,Vijayawada.
  •  Ms.Kavitha has registered for Ph.D at JS University,Shikhohabad,U.P.
  •  ARP-by Ms.Kavitha titled “Efficient Algorithms for mining top-K high utility item sets” in Data Mining has completed.
  •  Ms.Aparna presented papertitled Usage of   ML-Techniques in NLP,at the National Conference(NWCOTI-2018),KLU,and Vijayawada.
  • Ms.Aparna attended a 5 day Workshop on Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks and ASR (ASR-19) from March 8th to 12th organized by Research and Navigational Unit for Navigational Electronics,O.U.Hyd.

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

  • On the occasion of Digital India – Power to Empower, 4th Anniversary celebrations, Students of I and II year gave a demonstration to the Auxiliary Staff of our College on online payments on July 1st 2019. Students enthusiastically taught them how to make payments on Paytm Application. The staff were very happy to learn new skills on their smart phones.
  • Session on “Emerging Trends in Computer Science and Career opportunities in industry and research” was conducted for final year students on 12/7/2019.
  • Department organised a Faculty Level Training on “Technologies for Effective Teaching” on 10th, 11th, 17th, July 2019. Faculty members of different departments from the college attended the sessions.
  • 2-Day /Faculty Development Program on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” was organized by depts. of MCA and Computer Science on the 7th and 8th August, 2019. Faculty from various colleges participated in the program.Resource persons were industry experts in the area.
  • Best practices
    • Extensive usage of Google Classrooms, forms, Powerpoint presentations, Lecture notes and links to online exams. Google classrooms are helping as flipped classrooms as study material is posted ahead of time and students prepare for class well in advance.
    • Usage of study tools like concept maps and flash cards: Students are being trained in using various tools to enhance their learning capabilities
    • Practical manuals /e-manuals are made available to the students in accordance with the revised syllabus.
  • As part of Green initiative, Department is working with ICT center to spread environment consciousness and awareness regarding dangers of e-waste and participating in their e-waste management program by collecting electronic waste.
  • As part of innovative approach during Annofesta Dec2019, the Dept. organized competitions
    • Doodle –based on the theme of the year “Happiness”-ICT as a enabler towards Happiness”
    • Infographics on AI and related topics which was submitted online
    • A mutiformat online QUIZ competition in which students participated using their cell phones.
  • A handy career counselling website has been developed which gives information relating to opportunities/various examinations and courses available to pursue after graduating.(basically for physical science students) .
  • Faculty Achievements:
    • Ms. Kavitha launched an Android App for the Placement Cell with all options for ease of use in communication with students during placement drive. (Includes Registration, regular updates relating to placement drives, feedback etc.)
    • All members of the department have attended various international and national level conferences and seminars
    • All Members of the department have published research papers in various journals.
  • Student Achievements:
    • Ms. Amtul Saleha (III year MSCS) developed a website for reaching out to undergraduate students (mathematical combinations) on various career prospects available for them to choose form and all information related once they complete their graduation which is usually needed and asked by a number of students.
    • Ms. Sidra(III year MSCS) came up wirh a blog titled “Informed Citizens “ that gives details of issues of national and international importance. Both have been guided by our faculty members.