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Department of Biotechnology

"Tinkering life for better future"







The Department


The department envisages its students as academically Sound and well versed in Skills as young graduates. Department aims at building strong broad based foundation of this applied science which is rightly said to be the science of 21st century.


  •  To create rich human resource to meet the demand of the BT field both in terms of Academics and skills.
  • To prepare students for facing further challenges of higher education, competitive examinations.
  •  To motivate students to use their knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship in this new era. With Hyderabad emerging as biotechnology centre of India, department strives to provide the knowledge pool.


• 8 students of BBC completed a two week summer internship programme on Molecular techniques and Bioinformatics at Hyderabad science society (HSS) . From 1 st June to 14 th June 2019.

• Faculty of the department presented papers and published in UGC listed journals.

• Department attended National seminar on scholarly communication and academic libraries in Digital Era Organized by Department of Library & information Science, GDC (W) Nalgonda & Telangana library association.

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

  • Mrs.N.Sushma Head department of Biotechnology is a sub editor of Annquest jounal of St.Ann’s college.
  • Mrs.N.Sushma has been a resource person for Bioinformatics
  • Mrs. D Kethura , BOS member(Subject expert) RBVRR College, Narayanguda, Hyderabad
  • Faculty of the department have successfully completed NPTEL courses and achieved elite certificates also an international certification in MOODLE as FDP programme.
  • Razia of III BBC 2016-20 batch got first rank in national entrance exam CEEB, Students (Bathula Sai Likitha, Sabah Fatima) from our department secured top ranks in OUPGCET 2020
  • Green initiatives

    Biogas Production: Biogas is produced through processing organic waste by the microorganisms which creates methane, can be used as it is locally or upgraded to biogas equivalent to natural gas quality, enabling the transport of the biogas over longer distances.Moreover it reduces Soil and Water Pollution

    Biofertilizer production using Azolla:Biofertilizers are the product of fermentation process, containing specific individual or group of soil microorganisms like Azolla, which improve the plant growth and productivity through supply of easily utilizable form of nutrients.

    Best practices

  • Maintenance of Web directory & CD library
  • The advanced learners will be encouraged to carry out research project/internship & workshops