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Department of Biochemistry

"Be Life s Life Line"



Ms.Sylaja, HoD

M.Sc , B.Ed

Dr. Sadaf Kalam


The Department


The department envisions quality students oriented towards research and higher studies.


To be Life’s Lifeline


  • To create greater awareness in understanding the subject by building strong foundation.
  • To develop and enhance laboratory skills in the students and prepare them for research.
  • To improve their employability by collaborating with pharmacy companies and biotech labs.


Completed two research projects .Guiding student projects 

Highlights of the Year 2019-20

  • Biochemistry Department is recognized for financial support under the strengthening component of Star College Scheme along with Departments of Microbiology & Genetics by DBT in the academic year 2019-20
  •  Extension/Guest Lectures organised 2 on topics Introduction to proteomics and Genomics & Immunotherapy For Cancer Treatment” And one Career Counselling  session was organized
  •  One National Level Workshop and competition  series in association with E-cell, IIT Mumbai (45 Participants)Topic “Development of Smart Anti- Microbiology Agent to fight AMR” on 13th-14th February 2020.Dr. Danish Ali, from Delhi was the resource person
  •  Field Trips/Educational Tour Students were taken to 1.Masqati Diary Farm 2.Handloom Park 3.CCMB Visit on Open Day and on a Educational Tour to Dr.Reddy’s  Institute for Life Sciences , HCU  as part of ICB 1 short course program
  •  Intracollegieate competitions organised -3 and Intercollegiate Competitions organised -3 on 1.Nanoartography: Paint a Nanoimage 2. Biomimicry: Design Infographic-Inventions inspired by Nature.3. Intracollegiate Bio-Clip- Create your Scientific Animation
  • Outreach Activity:1.Awareness Campaign on “Menstrual Waste Management” in the College Campus  target group NGO Management and NSS students  2.Sale of Biodegradable pads
  • Final and second Year Students of BBC have completed 15 days training programme/Internship at Institute of Genetics, Begumpet from May 1st to May 15th 2019
  • Five inhouse Student Research Projects completed by final year students under Advanced Learner Programme

  • Mini Student Research Projects completed 12 on Phytochemical screening of Medicinal 12 students of Biochemistry participated in MIMAMSA 2020 :A National level Annual Science Challenge  for UG Students organized by IISER Pune
  • National level Wet lab championship second round was organised at IIT Hyderabad: The Selected four meritorious students of Microbiology and Biochemistry participated in the competition and received special appreciation certificates held on as 28th or 29th Sept 2019
  • Students took part in “What Makes A Scientist CCMB Workshop”
  • Intercollegiate Student Participation in a Two day Biochemistry Symposium on “Emerging trends & future Prospects in Biochemistry” at Sarojini Naidu Vanitha MahaVidyalaya -18 Students Participated in the symposium and took active part in Powerpoint Presentation & Quiz activities
  • A.M.Sylaja HOD, was invited as a judge For Intercollegiate Poster Presentation competition organised at Sarojini Naidu Vanitha MahaVidyalaya during Biochemistry Symposium on “Emerging trends & future Prospects in Biochemistry
  • Innovative Program: Short course Program-ICB Integrated Concepts in Biology was conducted  for first year students to enhance scientific temper and self study in collaboration with Department of Microbiolgy .and Dr ILS ,HCU .Research Poster Presentations were conducted in two phases under this program
  •  A.M.Sylaja participated in Five FDP in offline mode  and Webinars Attended 20,Online Workshops 3, Online FDP 3 Online quiz 8
  • Online course: Completed 6 week online course on Life of Happiness and Fulfillment offered by ISB/Austin University from Coursera