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Department of Arabic

"Knowledge is Power and Weapon - العلم و قوة و سلاح"



Ms.Nishath Fatima , HoD

M.A (M.Phil)

Ms.Syed Maryam Gazala


The Department


“Acquiring knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim Man & woman” طلب العلم فريضة على كل مسلم و مسلمة


To make the students aware of the vast treasure of Islamic knowledge in the fields classical and modern literature and the contribution and achievements of the eminent scholars to Arabic literature.
To educate women to face the challenges of the future, through value based teachings, morals and ethics. To create interest in language and focus upon the contribution of the eminent writers and poets to modern literature.
To give a brief history of Arabic literature, culture and the civilization of the early Arabs.
The main objective of the Department is to make the students more familiar with the Islamic literature, which is mainly based on Quran, Hadith, Summah and Seerat.
The annual literary day is a regular and much awaited objective of the Department. A large number of competitions like essay writing, elocution, debate and quiz are held to provide opportunities to the talented students.


  • The Faculty has attended national and international seminars and has publications to their credits in International Online Journals.
  • Arabic students were taken to Maulana Azad National Urdu University, for the Field trip in February2019.The students visited the campus and all the departments and got to know about all the details about Arabic department.

Highlights for academic year 2019-20

  • The Department has the unique distinction of achieving 100% pass results on an average since inception.
  • The Faculty has attended 4 national and 6 international seminars and has publications to their credit in International Online Journals. Also attended 2 Workshops.

  • Mrs.Nishathfatimahas completed MRP on “Biography Of MaulanaAbulkalamAzaad First Education Minister .”
  • Department of Arabic along with other language departments, publishpapers in an Online Journal (Ann-Scope) in which articles/study papers/research papers are invited from the various parts of the world.
  • Presented 4 papers in national and international seminars.
  • Attended refresher course organized by the department of Arabic Ali Garh Muslim university Aligarh, Delhi.
  • Mrs.Nishath Fatima published a book on AshreMubashra.
  • The Department of Arabic has taken an initiative to promote Urdu language by setting up a student’s club, AMROZIA (Women of the Current Age) under which various activities in Urdu were conducted.

    Competitions conducted under Amrozia club
  • Quran recitation, Arab food fest, Arab costumeالمطبخ العربى, Painting, Poetry recitation in Urdu and Debate.
  • Flyer making competition on the topic.
  • Auto biographyof Urdu poets.
  • Organized a workshop on “Calligraphy in Arabic “by Syed Moosa, World famous calligraphist.
  • Organized a 3 Day workshop on “super believers “for students.
  • Organized extension lecture by Dr. Naser bin Gaber Yemen on “Arabic era window to the World”.
  • Celebrated MatruBhashaDiwas.
  • The UNESCO has declared 21st February every year as international Mother Language Day to promote the dissemination of mother tongue and to create awareness on linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world and also to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue. In IndiaMATRUBHASHA DIWAS is celebrated every year.