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Department of Commerce






Dr.Mahitha Davala

M.Com,APSET Qualified,MBA,D. Litt


M.Com, M.Phil,D. Litt(Ph.D)



Dr.Suma Reddy.N

M.Com, M.Phil, D.Lit

Ms.Asra Sultana


Mrs.Naga Suvarchala

M.Com, MBA.


M.Com, M.Phil,PGDPC,D. Litt, MS(Psychology)

Mrs.R.Meena Shanthi




Mrs.G.Dhivya Kumari



M.Com, (MBA)



Mrs. Bhavani



M.Com,UGC Net

Mrs.Syeda Zehra




The Department




“From the classroom to the corporate world – a chrysalis transformation of the students to a successful entrepreneur, a dedicated professional, a dynamic business leader and a motivated researcher working towards the growth of the nation”.


The department aims at academic excellence by recognizing the potential in students and providing:

  • The essential knowledge of accounting principles, tax and audit procedures, information technology, and their applications in different business situations
  • To acquaint students with the managerial skills and techniques of statistical analysis along with basic mathematical skills.
  • The awareness on economic policies and various statutory provisions applicable to trade, industry and business.
  • The knowledge of import and export procedures, to meet the challenges in the changing business environment.
  • Interaction with the industry –a channel of knowledge and exposure necessary to respond to the diversified needs of the industry.

  • Research

    Priority Areas of Research are:

    Department Highlights

    Guest/Extension Lectures Organised

    Guest Lectures were organised on course specific topics, on contemporary issues in various fields as value addition  to help students appreciate the recent trends in the respective areas of knowledge.

    1. On 20th october2020, Guest lecture on “How to start EXIM Business" by
      Resource person : Dr k. Visweswara Reddy,  Faculty & Rector of National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(Ni-MSME)   for  B.Com II&III year (FT) students.
    2. On 29th October 2020, Extension lecture on “Consumer Protection Act” by Resource person M.A. Shakeel, Criminal Lawyer, High court, B.Com I Year (IFA) & B.Com III Year (A,C,D & FT) students.
    3. On 12th November 2020, Guest lecture on “Green Banking” by Resource person Dr. Sumitra, Assistant Professor ,St. Joseph’s degree & P. G college, for B.Com II Year (A,B,C,D &FT) students.
    4. On 31st October 2020, Guest lecture on “Finance in planning and decision making” by Resource person Mrs. Shanthikiran, Faculty, St. Joseph’s degree college, king koti, for B.Com III (IAF) students
    5. On 11th 12th and 13th November 2020, Extension lecture on “Reporting financial performance & group financial statements” by Resource person Mr. Raavi Venkat Reddy, Faculty ISDC for B.Com III (IAF) students.
    6. On 16th to 24th November 2020, Guest Lecture “On Performance Analysis , Project management & Managing Strategic change” by Resource person Mrs. Anjana Mothi Faculty ISDC, for B.Com III (IAF) students.
    7. On 20th November 2020, Guest lecture on “Business Analytics for Decision making” by Resource person Mr. D.V.Srinivas Kumar, Assistant professor, University of HYD, for I B.Com (A, B, C, D &FT) students.
    8. On 23rd November 2020, Extension Lecture on “Intellectual property Rights” by Resource person Mrs. V.Swapna Associate Faculty member, Ni-MSME, for I B.Com (IFA) III B.com (A, C, D & FT) students.
    9. On 24th November 2020, Guest lecture on “Major Laws for Export Contracts-Export Agency agreement- laws relating to products” by Resource person Dr k. Visweswara Reddy, Faculty & Rector of National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(Ni-MSME), for III B.Com (FT) students.
    10. On 28th November 2020, Guest lecture on “Funds Flow Statement” by Resource person Dr.Naresh Reddy, Assistant Professor ,OU, III B.Com General students.
    11. On 31st December 2020, Guest lecture on “Rectification of Errors” by Resource person Dr.Naresh Reddy, Assistant Professor, OU, for all I B.Com students.
    12. On 6th January 2020, Guest lecture on “Budgeting” by Resource person Mrs. Annie Pitta Faculty ISDC, for I B.Com (IFA) students.
    13. On 6th March 2021, Guest Lecture on “Holding Companies ” by Resource person Dr.P.SaiRani, Head & Professor in Finance & ED Dept of Finance, ICBM-School of Business Excellence, Hyd as a resource person for B.Com III General students
    14. On 3rd, 10th & 17th April 2021, “Webinar series on Business Analytics working with R” by Resource person Dr.VishnuVardhan Rudravaram,Assistant professor, Dept of Statistics ,Ramanujan school of mathematical sciences, B.Com I year Business Analytics (E) students.
    15. On 16th & 17th April 2021, “Guest lecture on MAT-2- Divisional performance” by Anjana Mothi.M as a resource person for B. Com II year (IFA) students.
    16. On 15th & 16th April 2021, “Guest lecture on Financial Reporting- Financial instruments, Leases, Taxation, Provisions, Contingent assets & Contingent Liabilities” by Mr. Venkat Reddy as a resource person for B.com II-year (IFA) students.

    Student Orientation Program

    To make important connections with the collegiate environment, academic studies, peers and network with the campus community the department conducted orientation programs to provide the first year students a birds eye view of what the department and college has to offer

    1. On 3rd June 2020, “Webinar on CMA membership and benefits” as an orientation program organized by CMA, US for B. Com II (Honors) by Mr. Fenil vadakkan as a resource person.
    2. On 3rd October 2020, A “Induction Program for 2020 batch students and parents” was presented by Mrs.T. Anuradha, HOD, Department of commerce

    Student Training program

    STPs enhance students' knowledge in one particular concept and also provide learners hands on practice within a real situation. The following are the student training programmes organised by the department during the academic year 2020-21.

    1. On 30th June 2020, “A national Level Webinar on “Selection of a Research Topic & Designing a Questionnaire” by Mr.Dr.A.Patrick. Assistant Professor, Dept of Commerce,O.U. as a resource person for B.Com(Honors) II year students.
    2. On 14th September 2020, “Webinar on Introduction to SBL (ACCA)” by Mrs. Anjana Mothi, ISDC for B. Com (IFA) III-year students.
    3. On 13th February 2021, “Project work and Topic Selection” by Dr. Nazia sultana Assistant professor in Commerce, University College for Women,O.U. for B.Com III (Honors) & BBA III year students.
    4. On 20th March 2021, “Drafting a questionnaire for Research Study” by Dr.Sabiha Shareef Assistant professor in Commerce University college for Women, O.U. for B.Com(Honors) III year students.
    5. From 15th April – 3rd May 2021, “30 Days Training Session on SBR” by Dr Madhuri Thete for B. Com (IFA) III-year students.
    6. From 16th April – 11th May 2021, “30 days training session on Audit & Assurance” by Mr. Sudeesh Sharma for B. Com (IFA) II-year students.
    7. On 5th June 2021, “Webinar on Share Market” by Mr.Sri Harsha, MD Shine projects Certified stock market analyst for B.Com(All streams) I year students.
    8. On 5th June 2021, “Webinar on “Investor’s awareness program” by Prof.Ravi V Huchhannavar Certified Financial Consultant for B. Com (All streams) II- & III-year students.

    Students level work shop organized

    To provide a chance to interact with experts from the specific field and discussing about the relevant topics of the particular subject, to help students to learn about the latest information and new skills related to the concerned subject, the department organised the following workshops for various B. Com combinations.

    1. On 3rd June 2020, “Online Webinar on A Role of Business analytics in today’s Business scenario” by Mr. Michael Wagner Institutional Relations – Associate Vice president & Mr. Philip V.VarugheseVice President & Global lead – Allpied Intelligence(In collaboration with Miles education), Miles Education Pvt Ltd for B.Com(All streams) I II & III year students.
    2. On 4th June 2020, “Online National Webinar series on Professional Body importance of analytics in the Industry” by Mr. Kshitij Upadhyay Senior faculty ISDC & Ms.Teresa Jacobs-Executive Director- Learning ISDC, London for B.Com I (IFA) students.
    3. On 24th July 2020, “Online webinar on “Management accounting at a global level & Importance of B. Com Honors with US CMA” by Mr. Michael Wagner, Miles education & Mr. Nitish Kashyap, CMA Finance solutions, Bangalore for B. Com (Honors) II year students.
    4. On 10th October 2020, “Online webinar on “Idea incubation and development –entrepreneurial Art” by Sharon Jane Nicodemus Sapooji Online soft skill trainer for B. Com (All Streams) I II- & III-year students.
    5. On 10th October 2020, “Online webinar on “Internal Control” Miles Education by Mr. Prince Gupta Assurance Senior CPA and CMA professional for B. Com (Honors) II-year students.
    6. On 20th March 2021, “Learn the various options available in the creative field from the experts” in association with Roots College by Prof. Nivedita Bose Principal Roots College Hyderabad. for B. Com (All Streams) I II- & III-year students.

    Endowment Lecture

    On 23rd April 2021, “Endowment lecture on Scaling Challenges” by Mrs.Ramya Raman (Alumus 1993) Master trainer and facilitator for B.com I II- and III-year (All streams) students.

    Faculty Awards

    1. Mrs N.Suma Reddy was presented the Most Influential Women in Academics Award 2020 for her exceptional contribution in Academics on August 24, 2020 by Academy of Management Professionals Hyderabad.
    2. Mrs. Asra Sultana received the “Young Researcher Award 2020” for her paper publication on Block Chain- Innovative Futuristic Prospect in Digital Information in Mukt Shabd Journal June 2020. By Institute of Scholars Bengaluru.


    1. Mrs.P.Sirisha, Mrs Divya &Mrs.D.Sujatha published a paper on Green HRM-Human Resource Management Case Study on 5 Indian Companies Purkala vol 31- Issue-55-June 2020 Page No.235-243 ISSN no.0971-2143Impact Factor 5.60
    2. Mrs.N.Supriya &Mrs. Asra published a paper on “Block Chain- Innovative Futuristic Prospects in Digital Information” Mukt Shabd Journal UGC CARE GROUP-1 JOURNAL Volume IX, Issue VI ISSN NO:2347-3150 Impact Factors : 4.6
    3. Mrs Pranathi &Mrs Meena Shanthi published a paper on “A Study on Technological Innovations in Indian Banking sector” Mukt Shabd Journal "Volume IX Issue VII, July020 Page 737-748 ISSN No. 2347-3150
    4. Mrs.Saujanya & Mrs N.Supriya published a paper on “Role of social media marketing communication: A Case Study on Instagram marketing” Alochana Chakra Journal (UGC-CARE GROUP-1 JOURNAL) An ISO:7021-2008 Certified Journal ISSN NO:2231-3990
    5. Mrs.Saujanya & Mrs N.Supriya published a paper on “Impact of Mobile game-A Case study on PUBG” Pramana Research Journal Volume 10,Issue 7An ISO:7021-2008 Certified & Peer Reviewed Journal ISSN NO:2249-2976 Impact factor 6.2.
    6. Mrs.Sujatha & Mrs. Srilatha published a paper on ““Contemporary Gender Stereotypes and their Impact on Characterizations About Others & Self- A Theoretical Study” Sanchar Educational & Research Foundation SHODH SARITAUGC Approved Care Listed Journal Volume 8, Issue 29, Jan to March 2021 ISSN 2348-2397