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SACReD – St. Ann’s Centre for Research and Development

  • Vision: To integrate and maintain high standards of research based learning and outcomes in the curriculum of all academic programs.
  • Mission: To develop a research ecosystem for undertaking sponsored, internal funded projects and consultancy research  services in a broad spectrum of organizations.

Following committee was constituted to take care of research committee and its proposals during the year 2020-21

  • Invitation of applications for ARP: In response to the invitation 7 faculty members applied with their proposals in respective fields out of which 5 were selected after thorough screening of proposals and amounts were sanctioned.Total amount sanctioned was 55,000/-
  • Incentives for publications:The faculty members who published their research findings in UGC listed journals numbering about 49   were given incentives on the day of teachers day to the tune of 1 lakh

Research committee also motivated  staff members to apply for different funding agencies viz,UGC TRIDE,ICSSR,NCERT,DBT et., out of which 3 were sanctioned

  1. “A comparative study on socio economic status of Women tea plantation worker in Assam and Kerala”Funding agency: Indian Council of Social Science Research.(Ministry of Human Resource Development) under the supervision of Smita Asthana Project Director,Ms. Popy Devi Nath Project Co Director.

Fund approved in Rs. 4 lakhs

  1. DBT star college scheme was also approved to strengthen laboratories of different departments (viz., Zoology,Biochemistry ,Geentics& Microbiology) in Life Sciences, amount sanctioned was 44 lakhs
  1. Development of manual for identification of species in Mangrove regions and it’s implementation. Amount sanctioned was 5 lakhs. By NCERT under the supervision of Dr.Divya Project Investigator
  • Ann’s Research Award was given to Dr.Tasneem of Zoology department for her contributions and achievements in recognition of her research and significant findings.