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Counsellor Speaks

Counsellor Speaks

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Stay Psych fit @ Pandemic

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Youth is a beautiful phase of life and Student stage is the most enchanting one bouncing with full of energy ,excitement and mirth .Studenthood is not just about studies ,discipline and hard work, its also fun,friends& frolic and am sure you all are missing these 3 F’s in this period of lockdown.I know it’s a big challenge to stay home without meeting friends, missing the favourite hangout-the college canteen , longing to venture out to savour the yummy treats at the roadside. At the same time I understand you are also going through hell lot of confusion,uncertainity regarding your education and examinations and why not ,you are a student primarily who is serious about your studies and career and this Corona crisis is wreaking havoc on your dreams. Let me tell you dear students, it’s just a passing phase, like how every cloud has a silver lining, at St.Ann’s, We- the teachers and You-the students always had an amicable approach to each other and nurtured an honest teacher-student relationship, Faculty being ever ready to pat the shoulder of the students and extend their hands to students to go that extra mile in realising their dreams. Dear Student, You can always reach out to your teachers in this bleak situation ,your mentors will be more than glad to help you!

“Your Teacher is the person who shows you where to look and will not tell you what to see”

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