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Count your blessings

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Count your blessings

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Stay Psych fit @ Pandemic

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Hello Students!

Hope you are enjoying the Lockdown 2.0!
Yes I am very sure that you are enjoying it to the core and I even know that you are enjoying the holidays but not the lockdown.
Quarantine is not all that bad girls … agreed that you are not getting to venture out and spend time in malls, movies and eateries, not allowed to step out of your house to gossip with your friends, missing the fun of decking up to go to college. But remember you cannot have best of both worlds so try to make best of what you have in hand.
Didn’t you all secretly desired for this kind of a long break where you can just sit and do nothing and let the days pass? And, lo, God has heard you; he had miraculously turned your desire into reality, Aghast! Did you ever imagine this ??? Then why are you cursing the situation instead of counting the blessings.
You must have dreamt of doing so many things but could not do due to lack of time, now you have all the time in the world, stop being lazy, stop procrastinating, just get up and go for it .This is once in a lifetime opportunity, you will never ever get this kind of free time, develop a new hobby, learn a new skill, study online courses, so on & so forth.
I understand your routine is like 10-year old already and you want to just get out of the house and free yourself from this monotony but we all know that it is just not possible ,so let’s accept the fact and enjoy the “Present” Let us be thankful, let us be happy & let us embrace the reality.
God bless you!

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay HAPPY.

Your Counsellor.