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The aim of SANSKRITI CLUB is to introduce the students to the hidden

beauties of our culture and tradition. Inculcating moral values in them which

makes  them an informed and responsible citizen.




Traditional day Sep 2019

Bathukamma and dandia dance celebration


Sanskriti 2019-20

         It was celebrated on 7th of august, 2018, where every faculty in college wore handloom sarees to appreciate the day

         Following competitions were organised to bring artistic spirits in students :

  1. Poetry Recitation
  2. Mehndi competition
  3. Poster making
  4. Face painting
  5. Open mike.



Cherial  Painting Workshop. -2018

3 day workshop on Cherial Painting – In collaboration with Spic-Macay


Students as well as faculty benefited from this 3 day workshop and learnt how to paint using natural colours