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Award of Grades, SGPA, CGPA

The marks secured by the student in the internal tests and semester-end examinations are converted into SGPA and CGPA.
Grade Point is weightage allotted to each grade letter depending on the marks awarded in a course/paper.
Credit means the unit by which the course work is measured. One credit means one hour of teaching work or two hours of practical work per week.
Credit Points for a paper = No. of Credits assigned for the paper x Grade Point secured for that course/Paper.
SGPA indicates the performance of a student in for a given semester. SGPA is based on the total credit points earned by the student in all the courses and the total number of credits assigned to the courses/papers in that Semester.

Calculation of SGPA

  1. SGPA: ∑Credit Points
  2. Credit Points=Credit X Grade Point

Note: SGPA is computed only if the candidate passes in all the papers ( gets a minimum 'P' grade in all the Papers)

Range of Mark% Grade Statement Grade Point
85-100 O Outstanding 8.5-10.0
75-84 A+ Excellent 7.5-8.4
60-74 A Very Good 6.0-7.4
55-59 B+ Good 5.5-5.9
50-54 B Above Average 5.0-5.4
45-49 C Average 4.5-4.9
40-44 P Pass 4.0-4.4
Less than 40 F Fail 0
AB Absent 0